Monday, July 16, 2012

A loss, but still having doubts

I dropped 1.6 lbs, which is good, definitely not great, but better than nothing.  I am still feeling defeated, but am hanging in there.

Hopefully tomorrow will show the same type loss (more would be better).  I was feeling hungry before and after lunch yesterday.  But, I was also very late in taking my HCG, so I am going to chalk that one up to "silly me".

I still have my worries and doubts, but am going to power through.  If I could lose a couple of pounds daily, that would be great, it's not going to happen, but even a couple of pounds every couple of days, is very good losses.  I am just pissy 'cause I wanted the big 4 and 5 lb losses, that I didn't get this time on R2.

Time to stop being pissy, and just move on with the program.  I am going to get to my goal.  We were talking cruises last night.  I can travel, well, almost, eyes on the prize!

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