Sunday, July 1, 2012

Day 20 and in a stall....

Bummer!  I was hoping to reach the 30's before my deca-week ended, but, alas, it was not to be.  I have had a couple things working against me;  yesterday was a skip day, which is normal to stall out, and secondly, I am almost out of HCG, so I am at the bottom of the bottle, which tends to be less potent (in my opinion).
I ordered my new bottle 2 days ago, but it probably won't be here 'til next Friday, it was Friday when I ordered, this week is the 4th of July, and it hasn't been sent off yet.  Oh my, I may have to wait until Saturday.  I will make what I have left last as best I can,  and if I run out, I run out, I will just keep to protocol, and when my HCG comes in, I will take my first dose like a loading day (six drops 3X/day) and then go back to normal. 
Just the mental part of this is normal.  "I don't have my HCG, I can't possibly lose any weight without it, oh NO!!!!!", which I know not to be true.  But knowing a thing, and putting it in action, are two different things.

Oh a grander note:  I am 15 lbs from 100 lbs lost.  ONE HUNDRED POUNDS!!!!  That is so incredible!  Then, I will be a short 26 lbs from "ONE"derland!!!!!

Revised goals:
1. Reach the 30's.
2. Lose 10% of my starting weight (26 lbs).
3. Reach 100 lbs lost.
4. Get to "one"derland.

All are achievable!  I am very excited!

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