Sunday, July 22, 2012

Numbers That Boggle the Mind/The Holidays are Coming!

It's so weird looking back and I was at crazy numbers.  325 was the weight I started at in February of this year.  That is a crazy number that boggles the mind.  Another crazy number is 6, 6 months ago I was at 325, now sitting at 231 (that's 94 lbs!), I am just tripping on how much I have lost.  I still can't see it very well, except in the sizes of my clothing (more mind boggling numbers 28/30!), now I can fit into 22s, 20s, and even some 18s. 
I was remembering that at 14 I was a size 14! Mind boggling, isn't it?  At the end of this, I might be seeing 12s!  Me, at 45, in a 12?  NO WAY!!!
There is something else that's a 6, it's the number of pounds I am short of 100 lbs lost.  100 pounds!!!!
I will still have 40 lbs to my goal weight of 185, but that's not a crazy amount of weight.  Plenty of woman have 40 lbs to lose. 
Of course, once I hit 185, I don't plan to sit on my Laurels, in fact, I expect to be down plenty more for the holidays.  Maybe even the mid or lower 170's!  Me, at 170?  Crazy talk!  I am totally tripping!

Speaking of the holidays, they are just around the corner (I am already having my family start shopping, that way nobody gets hit all at once!), this always seems to be a difficult time for losing weight.  The temptations out there are grand and delicious.  I am learning that (especially when it comes to eating healthy) if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.  Food is the same whether it's Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year's Day, the food itself doesn't change.  Cake, cookies, puddings, pies, appetizers, sugary treats, all of it is still a No No for me.  I don't think the Lord Jesus will mind if I don't partake in Pumpkin Pie, just because my Aunt Betty made it (I don't really have a Aunt Betty, but I am sure someone does!). 

Since I do the bulk of the cooking, I am already scouring the Paleo cookbooks for those holiday goodies that won't put everyone into a gluten coma.  Since our vegan cousins don't talk to us much anymore (they don't like me, it's a Christian thing and a vegan thing not mixing, other than one of the cousins, they don't even know about the Paleo thing), I am not too worried about being invited to their Tofurky fest (yuck!).

I am thinking roast (roast beast as my middle son calls it), and plenty of veggies, with some fruit a whipped coconut cream!  If the In-Laws want pie, they can buy or make one themselves!  There is no reason to put my health aside just because of holidays, and no reason you should either. 

Anyone who would offer you stuff you aren't to have, should be met with a cold hard stare, and a question:  "if I was a raging alcoholic and just out of rehab, would you offer me a drink?"  I am an addict, my addiction is food (we covered this, right?).  One slip could very well kill me, not quickly, no, slowly, painfully, I will be widening out my grave I have just filled in!!  People do things for whatever reasons.  Some think that "it's just one", "what could it hurt", others are just perplexed and don't understand how hard it is to get down to a normal weight, and think "it's just one, one won't make you fat".  Others, who have that journey to health to still make, would just love to see you fail, since misery loves company.  And loved ones, just want to share the love through food!

If you are going to be around for the holidays, have a plan.  Let people know that you can't indulge in a bunch of holiday goodies.  If you were deathly allergic to something, you would inform your host/ess, right?  Inform your host/ess that you won't be eating certain foods, that you are sure are yummy, but you will just have to pass.  Don't make a big deal out of it, just keep passing the offending dish.  Have a game plan for you to deal with the holiday goodies, maybe a stick of minty gum, or chugging water.  If you have a portion control problem (I do!), have someone put your chosen items on your plate in a child's portion, or even load your own plate, like for a child. 

Remember, even if it's the holidays, it's one meat to two veg.  The more the veggies (especially raw) the more you can have!  Bring your own dessert (a fruity salad, or Paleo friendly treat) to share, so you can have "pie" and coffee with everyone else, if you can't stand to be different!

We must be vigilant and plan for as many encounters with food that we can (restaurants, buffets, parties, intimate dinners, picnics/BBQs, special occasions of all types).  The SAD basically lives and loves around food, you don't have to, and you don't have to be militant about it.  You never know who you are going to influence, by standing strong in your health, by not giving in to peer pressure (didn't think you would hear that one out of school, did you?). 

Standing strong!  Living strong!  Being strong!

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