Friday, July 27, 2012

Stressful day effecting my losses!

Ugg!  Yesterday was just sucky.  It started really good.  I am doing a deep clean in my kitchen, and was moving along nicely.  Then it just all started getting to me.  I had to sit out with the kids (in the pool), and then when everyone went home, and brought my littles in for lunch, I got to eat myself.  One of my boys took a nap, the other went out to play.  The Colonel stopped home, and said that he didn't want our kids playing outside alone (no problem there), and had asked the parents to watch.  My MIL went out for about 2 minutes, then came back in.  I went outside for a after lunch smoke, and then my FIL went in, and promptly took a nap, leaving me outside, unable to finish my cleaning.

If the in laws didn't live here, I would have to do the same, but then again, I wouldn't have to clean up after them.  My FIL is the major culprit.  He is constantly eating, leaving chips, candy and cookies all over the house.  My kids get into his "stash" which is located in the drawer of my coffee table.  What makes this worse, is because of the heat, we have been invaded by roaches.  Now it's getting to be a problem, 'cause it's not the once in a while field roaches, it's the little German roaches (probably came in on a box).  The Colonel will be fogging and taking care of the problem on Saturday, but it's just the fact that it really looks bad on me. 

I am tired of parenting a 68 year old man.  I am tired of the weirdness of my MIL's maniacal giggling, and in the in and out of her room.  She won't speak to me (I don't think she is able to differentiate between real people and her imaginary "voices". 

Then there are my kids.  The big one just wants to sit around and play GTA.  The littles are just little mess makers and won't clean up their messes.  They are also being defiant, and why not, no one in the house listens to me, so they are just doing what all the others are doing.

Because of all that (it's been building), I showed dismal losses (-0.6) today.  I didn't eat off protocol (except for one square of 73%), but I didn't drink hardly any water.  I will be upping my water, and be super strict, I am only 1.6 lbs from 100 lbs lost. 

No matter how much the family wants to sabotage me, I am not going to let them. They are being jerks, and will pay, yes, they will pay dearly!

Time to get back into control.

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