Friday, July 20, 2012

Goal: 10% lost!

I woke up to  a 1.4 lbs loss!  That brings me to 26 lbs lost, which is one of my goals for this round;  to lose 10% of my starting weight.  I am just under 10 lbs from the century mark!

I won't lie, it's getting harder.  But, if I stay the course, I will see some great results.  I am planning on doing another LRx when I am finished, I believe that the LRx works really well with P3.  It keeps the restraints on just diving into whatever, and it works with the hypothalamus (which HCG resets).  I also like starting the day with breakfast, so bonus/score!

And, of course, I maintain my Paleo eating habits.  I just must make sure that I go bigger on veggies, and keep my protein portions within reason.  I am looking forward to a life time of maintenance and wondering where my body is going to end up.  As long as I stay below 185, I will be a happy human.

50 more pounds, and I will be there!

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