Thursday, July 26, 2012


Even with the stresses of life, I am lucky that my weight loss is still going on.  I am down another 1.4 lbs.

The Family has really been acting up.  I have my two littles, who, are great kids, except for the defiance!  At 3 and 5, they are quite the handful.  I am running out of patience and frankly ideas on how to deal with them.

My 18 yo, is a good young man, but his autism can be a real bummer.  That, and waiting for SSI to confirm his disability is annoying.  I can't get him to any adult programs without the confirmation that the gov't.  That is sucky!

My MIL is deep into crazy.  The schizophrenia is getting weird, not in a violent way, just with maniacal laughter.  I always wonder what the voices are saying that make her laugh for days on end.  Are they that funny?  And, my FIL is more concerned with sponging off the cousins to pay for one of his stupid cat's visit to the vet, rather than dealing with the crazy wife.

My wonderful Colonel is just working hard and at a loss with how to deal with everyone in the house (me included).  He's just tired and needs a break.

In a couple of weeks, we are going to take the littles to a water park in the next town over.  It should be a fun day.  I found out that I am actually under the weight limit of the water slide!  I can slide on the slide!  Yea!

The first weekend after Labor Day we are going camping!  We are going to Mt. Lassen, my 5 yo has a major interest in volcanoes, so it will be fun for all of us.  Plus, we are going to Shasta Caverns, and do a bit of touristy spelunking!

After that, it's homeschooling and the holidays on the horizon.  Well, school is going to start on the 27th of August this year, although we have been working on reading and counting.  This year is modified preschool for my 3 yo, and full blow kindergarten for my 5 yo.  This should be loads of fun!

I am just 2.2 lbs away from 100 lbs lost.  Seems so close, and yet so far away!  Plus, I am in the 20's heading for the teens!  I am so very close to goal!

As I get closer to goal, I need to get the family back on track towards Paleo.  They have been getting pretty loosey goosey, mainly 'cause I don't eat with them right now.  But once I am on P3 (which is the same as Paleo), I can get them back in the game.

That's it for now!

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