Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Friday my HCG is due...

...and I can't wait!  After another gain, I had to do a steak day, which removed my gain, but am still 1.4 lbs over PI start weight. 
After doing some math, I am 52.8 lbs from 185.  My goal is 185.  That will be the perfect launching point for Paleo living.  Small enough to be "normal", but with room to let healthy living do it's job.  I am not interested in being a swizzle stick, I just want to be healthy and a normal weight.  I want to be able to live, learn and love.  Two of those I have (learn love), but living is still just a bit beyond my grasp, although it's getting better.
Right now, I am in an in-between stage:  not huge but big, not small but not as large either.  Bottom line:  still fat.  Still too fat. 
And I won't be "thin" at 185, but at least I will be manageable.
So it looks like that I will need at least 3 bottles of HCG, counting the one I will get on Friday.  So, come August, I will order 2 more bottles (no more planned interruptions, they suck, I've missed out on getting closer to the 20's this week), and hopefully, will see some big numbers gone by the end of next week, maybe into the 20's.  Right now, I am looking forward to the 3 lbs gone, which will be my next goal of 10% of my R2 starting weigh (26 lbs).  Then, 10 more pounds beyond that will see me at 100 lbs lost! 
One hundred pounds!  The century mark!  Totally awesome!
Then I will be shooting for the teens, the zeros, 200 even, 90's, 80's, GOAL!!!

2 months.  Fast or slow, I have 2 months to go... (ha, I'm a poet!).

Tomorrow is picture measurement day, yuck.  Until then....

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