Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Apple days suck, but it worked!

I woke up to a 2.4 lb loss!  Apple days suck!  Now, I am in transition for my PI.  It's nice to drink coffee right off the bat, rather than wait 30 minutes, but still, I would rather be getting this next 38 lbs off and get into Onederland!

I am less than 4 lbs from my goal of 10% lost, and have achieved my first goal of the 30's!  Everything is still on track.  I will keep a sharp eye on my intake, these 3 days will be at 500 cals, then I will add about 300 more by either doubling my protein or adding a "breakfast".  I am going to keep the fat intake to a minimum, so I will be P2 just with more food.

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