Saturday, July 7, 2012

Confirmation of shipment!

Yesterday I received an email from my HCG guy that my HCG will be shipped on Monday.  I am hoping for a two day delivery, but it may be four days. Either way, I will watch for a tracking number, and track my HCG each step of the way!

My PI has been going well.  I am holding steady, and hoping for a weight drop soon.  I started my monthly (a week early, thanks HCG).  Once I cycle thru, I am hoping for another loss.  I am being careful to eat a high protein breakfast, and have dinner around 3-ish, which holds me until the next day.

Good news, as I was trying on a skirt, I tried on a size 16, and although it didn't fit, I not only got in it, I was able to zip it up!  It looked horrible, but I got in it, and there was no elastic!  With the fat in motion, it's going to be hard to get into the smaller sizes so that they look good, but I am getting in them, very exciting!  I need to find me a girdle!

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