Saturday, July 28, 2012

Exciting News: 100 lbs Lost!!!

I made it to my next goal, 100 lbs lost!  100.2 to be exact.  In February of this year, I took a chance on a "weight loss diet" that was totally different from the others.  The FDA said it was dangerous (like FenPhen was safe).  I was told that HCG didn't work.  That it was a scam (there are HCG scams out there, but then again, people give money to Publishers Clearing House yet no one wins...).  I took a chance, spending more than $300 on my first bottles of HCG.  I put my head in the game, committed 100% to protocol, researched what I was going to do AFTER I lose the weight, so I could maintain the losses, and never go back to 325 lbs. 

Now I sit at my computer 100 lbs lighter.  All the doctors that gave me the sad "she's never going to lose all that weight on a fad diet" look, who, in fact, told me that "heart smart" plastic fake food was more healthy than vegetables and meat.  Now, my doctors completely support what I am doing. 

Anyone can do this.  Yes, HCG gave me a jump start (a HUGE jump start), but I also did really well on Paleo in between rounds.

The first thing you have to do is decide what's most important to you.  Is your health worth a piece of bread?  Will a cookie or ice cream really make you happy?  Do you want to change how you look and feel?

Any diet will work, if you stick to it.  I suggest a diet of real foods.  Raw foods.  Stay away from what conventional wisdom dictates.  Do what works best for you.

HCG is my choice.  I am healthier for it (reduced cholesterol from 205 to 170, lowered blood pressure, my body is making new blood cells at a rapid rate), and it's only going to get better.  I can move, I can bend, I will start getting stronger.

I would never suggest anyone do HCG or even do it my way, but I do suggest finding what works for you.  If you think those 100 calorie packs are worth it, then go for it (they aren't, but who am I to tell anyone how to lose weight?  Oh yeah, I am the one that lost 100 lbs!)

Weigh (no pun) your options.  Here's what should be common sense.  Vegetables should be your go to food (nutrient dense foods), meat isn't the enemy (the meat industry is), choose health instead of constant "treats".  Find your niche.  It might be HCG.  It might be a vegan diet (please, vegans, eat some veggies once in a while, and lay off the tofu!).  It might be Paleo/Primal.  It might be Weight Watchers, or South Beach, or Dr. Atkins.

Don't believe the "experts" straight off the cuff.  Do your own research.  Google is a great place to start.  Put in a word and start a search.  Narrow it down until you get the info you are looking for.  Read, read, read.  Find the commonalities.  Educate yourself.  Use your brain for something more than keeping your head inflated.  If the country is "talking" about it, and the mass media is making a story of it, then listen to what they say.  If the media is "pro" for something, get to the bottom of it, you just "follow the money, honey", if the media is against something, why? 

The big ballyhoo about HCG (which wasn't an issue a year ago) turned out that the big Pharma was pushing through (read:  Paid off the FDA) a new and (studies show) a very dangerous weight loss drug that will promise you MIGHT lose 20 lbs in a year.  Since it went from combining two drugs and straight onto the market, you can assume that it's not going to work.  We who are fat will reach for any straw.  We are desperate to lose this weight.  Instead of encouraging us to make real healthy choices, they tell us "DO NOT under any circumstances eat at McDonald's", then go on to show a MickeyD's commercial (freedom of speech, right?  Right!  But we also have the freedom to choose, at least we should.)

I am going to hop off my soap box now. 

100 lbs down, 40 pounds to go until 185, then I am going to let Paleo eating carry me to where my body wants to be.  At the rate I am losing, my body wants nothing to do with being fat!

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