Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Another pound down

Yep, one more pound lost!  Yea me!  I am just 11 pounds away from 100 lbs lost!  I only have 51 more pounds to go to reach my goal.

I am hoping to end my "deca"week in new virgin fat territory.  Maybe even meet my 26 lbs lost goal (but that's four pounds away, and I only have three days).

My outlook is getting brighter with my losses.  I have to latch on to these right now.  The whole diet thing is getting harder.  I am feeling hungrier, but right now I am skipping my fruit,  just until I get the excess gains off.  I am only .2 of a pound from new loss numbers.

It is so weird.  I have always been the fattest person in any setting, including a weight loss forum, but I am noticing that there are women who are bigger than me.  Ladies at 265 or 240 something, and I have to wrap my mind around this.  It's like I have lost the corner market in being fat.  Then I start wondering if they are going to start losing faster, and leaving me in the dust.  The weird thoughts of a crazy woman!

I must start my day, but I am starting it another pound lighter!

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