Saturday, July 14, 2012

HCG is in

My HCG came in yesterday afternoon, and I started taking it again last night.  Lucky me, I woke up to a 3.2 lb gain (sarcasm dripping here).  Now I am wondering if HCG will work for me at all anymore.

Times being what they are, it was either get extra HCG or feed the family, and while I am hugely fat, my family is not.  I will have to order more HCG in the beginning of August, to ensure that I don't run out again, that is, if this newest bottle is even going to work for me anymore.  The bottle itself is good, I tested it.

I am just venting.  I am praying and crossing fingers that I am not immune to HCG.  If I am, I will continue to take this bottle and stick to protocol (500 cals will make you lose weight anyway).  If I don't see any decent losses, I will order a round of inject-able HCG, and see what happens.  If that doesn't work, then I will just have to stick to Paleo and exercise and lose weight (super slowly) naturally. 

It will take a year or more to get the rest of my weight off, rather than the 2 months on HCG.  That sucks, but I do know that Paleo works, just slower.

Maybe this is just a water retention gain, and I am just being a worry wart. 

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