Friday, June 29, 2012

The 30's are in the Shadows...

I reached 240 today!  Yea me!  I have passed the 20 lbs lost mark, my first goal is in sight, reaching the 230's (yes 239.9 counts!).  My second goal, 10% of my starting body weight (of Round 2), is not far away.  That would be a loss of 26 lbs (5.6 to go).

After those, it will be getting to the 20's, then the 10's, then the 0's, then to "one"derland!  I would like to be in the solid 190's before I stop, then I will let Paleo and exercise carry me to where my body is naturally comfortable at (I am hoping for the 160's, any less and I will look too thin, as if!).

Diet, in conjunction with exercise, is the best way to lose weight.  But, when you are looking at high numbers, a strained body, bad habits, and a broken metabolism, sometimes you need the extra help, and cannot just rely on conventional wisdom (CW), which is not One Size Fits All.

Too many times I hear from so many about all the things they can't give up.  The "I can live without..." excuses.  From thin to fat and everyone in between.  I have nothing against a "treat" every now and then, but to drink soda (diet or otherwise) everyday, by the litres?  Why?

Maybe it's time for America to really take a good, long, hard look at what we are calling "food".  I have nothing against Capitalism, in fact, I am all for it!  My beef is with people who won't be responsible for their choices.  I will be the first to admit that I didn't make good choices.  I would eat 2 Big Macs (and fries and a super sized soda) and be hungry for an apple pie (or 2).  I could eat a whole Little Caesar's Pizza, all by myself, and have bread sticks on top of that (soaked in Ranch Dressing of course).  BAD CHOICES.  Not McDonald's.  Not Little Caesar's.  Me.

The lesson is in the learning.  I had to learn all about food.  What makes it good, what makes it bad.  There is such at thing as "too much of a good thing". 

There is an Obesity Epidemic in America.  Not because of bad food (which there is plenty of), but because of bad choices.  Bad choices are the result of people remaining ignorant.  I know it is cute to do your best Forrest Gump and say "stupid is as stupid does", but it's not stupidity, it's something more deadly, ignorance.  Keeping yourself ignorant is a choice, too.  Life is about learning, whether you are smart or stupid, there is no reason to not continue to learn.  If you are obese, you need to learn what you are doing wrong.  If it's medication making you fat, get off the meds (losing weight will help!).  If you are diabetic, your food is killing you, piece by piece (toes, feet, lower leg, upper leg, eventually dead).  Don't eat the "Diabetic Associations" approved food.  The "slow release carb" drinks aren't doing you any favors.  How about getting rid of the grains and sugar?  Make it a trade, lose the grains and sugars and keep your feet.

OK, off my soapbox.  Now that I am on the road to health, I can't help but see all those who are living in ignorance.  Riding around in the grocery stores in those electric carts (because they are obese and it hurts to walk), loaded with diet soda, frozen pizza, loaves of bread (whole wheat, so it's healthy, right?  Wrong!), chips, 100-calorie packs, and lo-cal microwave frozen dinners.  Is it working?  Or, are they heavier now then before?

I have chosen.  I may not be choosing perfectly, but I am choosing better. 

Everyone has choices, what will they choose?

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