Monday, June 11, 2012

Back to VLC

This morning I am starting my very low calorie day (VLCD) at 260.4, which is a 4.4 lb gain loading, but still 4 lbs below my last drop weight (LDW). 

I am looking forward to losing my load weight today (hopefully!).  Funny, last round I ended my load days 4.2 lbs lighter!  Thinking about it though, I was also at 325 then (more than a 60 lb difference!), so it was inevitable that I would gain a bit.

This round is notorious for being slower in the losses.  It may take me longer to lose the same amount as I lost last time.  As of now, my goal is 61 lbs , which will put me in "one"derland (barely).  As always, I will play it by ear and by body.  My health is paramount, not being "skinny", so I will go as my body leads.  I took it as a good sign that I was dropping weight for no specific reason, and hope to continue losing while on VLC.

It is going to be harder, since we have more stresses in our lives with the Parents living with us and the kids just being the kids, but I am determined to lose this weight and be healthy!

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