Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Losing, gaining, losing again

My body is fickle!  I had lost 1.4 lbs, only to gain it back the next day, now am 1.8 lbs down. 

You really have to track what you eat and when you eat it.  My gain could have been a number of things.  Apples:  I had an apple, which by the end of my Round 1, was causing gains, looks like there will be no more apples for me!  Eating after 7 pm:  This was when I had the offending apple.  Or, possibly stress in general.  We have been trying to quit smoking, and my kids plus the neighbors kids were driving me up a wall!!!!

It's funny how the little things can derail what you are doing.  Eating can be a chore, until you make your ideal eating patterns a habit.  There are rules within rules.  With HCG, eating on protocol is easy, you get X, Y, and Z, this is really easy, since you are so limited.  Then there are the peripheral rules, that you find out for yourself, like not eating late in the day.  When I was doing the Leptin Reset (LRx), I would eat my BAB (big ass breakfast) and a lunch at around 2 pm, but would not eat dinner, since I wasn't hungry.

Once I finish with this round of HCG, I may do another LRx, to make sure that the reset of my hypothalamus took.  I will know, if I don't feel the need to snack.

I am looking forward to a lifetime of Paleo eating.  I am also looking forward to being able to exercise.  I am making plans of how to live after HCG.  I wish I could find a book about "The Care and Feeding of a New Skinny Body"  Everyone talks about how they lose the weight, with a bit of "happily ever after" for an ending.  Is it really "happily ever after"?  Or, is there more to it?  I am sure there is more to it.  For every pound I lose, I have to be two steps ahead to keep them gone.

What is becoming increasing difficult, is getting the family on board.  The Colonel is fine with plenty of meat and veggies when he can sit down and eat.  Unfortunately, when he is working, he doesn't have the luxury of being able to sit and eat, because he eats while behind the wheel of his truck, going from one stop to another.  He doesn't care for hard boiled eggs, which would be the perfect "go to food", also, he has a hard time with things like beef jerky, carrots, or anything else that is hard or crunchy.  I do make him "sandwiches" using either leaf lettuce or almond flour biscuits.  It's the side "dishes" that are hard.  He likes potato chips, which, since he's an adult and can make his own decisions, I still provide.  I did score a win with Lara Bars, which he really likes, but until I can figure out the recipe, I am stuck buying, but only when the Grocery Outlet has them, otherwise, they are very much out of our budget. 

With the Parents moving in, our food budget has skyrocketed, because I try to provide the best food possible.  Organic, Natural, et al. are all very expensive, so I have to compromise with standard issue at the grocery stores.  It's better than filling the family up on grains and such, but requires a bit of creativeness on my part.

Change is hard for everyone.  For me, it's learning how to eat like a normal person.  For the family it's learning how to eat differently from the rest of America.  That would be the America that is getting fatter and fatter, because the Nation is getting bad advice on what is healthy and what is not.  Grains are not healthy, fats are healthy.  Fake "heart smart" food is not healthy, meats/animal proteins are healthy.  We all agree that vegetables are healthy, but the "Powers that Be" tell us to limit our "intake", which is not healthy.  If you want to eat a platter of broccoli, please, dig in.  Eat vegetables till you can't eat any more!

Time to start the day!

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