Saturday, June 9, 2012

Today's the Day!

My HCG came in yesterday, and I am on Load Day One!  My skip day is now Saturdays.  I am very anxious about whether the HCG will continue to work for me. 
I will be doing another long round, in hopes of reaching "one"derland.  I am planning for at least 3 months +. 
If I can get to my goal of 175, that would be fantastic, but that is a bit excessive (81 lbs), but, who knows.  I have dedicated this year to getting healthy, and the Paleo thing is working out great! 
I have country pork ribs cooking, load days are great!  I just have to make sure that I get plenty of fat into my body and give the HCG plenty to work with.  Since I am already in ketosis, the 500 cal diet should kick those belly fat cells to the curb. 
I will be working up a reasonable, but effective exercise plan.  I will be relying on Mark Sisson's advice for a good portion of the "Grok" type exercises and doing kettle weights.  With the summer season here, I want to do much more walking/hiking, but not excessively while on VLC.  500 cals a day is not enough to tackle the intense stuff.

I will be checking in with my starting stats and measurements, and the horrid picture.

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