Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Had a loss...

On VLCD 1 of 2.4 lbs, pretty good, not fantastic, but good in of itself.  So my stats:  I actually got to "see" the shaping that the Body Shaper drops talked about!  Mostly had belly move up to the areas that lost the weight, and evened me out.

Here's my lastest (and worst pics):

260.4 lbs

My husband is a great guy, but he's no Ansel Adams (more like Gomez Addams, yummy!)

Even after a 60 lb loss, turns out I'm still fat!  OK, besides the belly, check out the bat wings!  What I do notice, is that my back fat has gone down A LOT!!  Hey, is that a butt?  Who knew I had a butt?!!! 

Well, one day down, bunches more to go!  Hopefully, I will drop another 1.8 lbs tomorrow, and start fresh at my pre load weight.  I am hoping to get into the 240's by weeks end (249.9 is the "40's"!).  Then I will be only 40-something lbs from 200!

Happy losses to me!

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