Sunday, June 3, 2012

Ordered my drops....

... and I am so ready to start!

I am still 2# below last drop weight (LDW), and have fluctuated from 259 to 263, which, in the scheme of things is really good!  I never did go above my LDW (thank you Paleo!).  I did recently have an increase due to either Little Caesar's chicken wings or the 3 Margaritas..., or maybe both.  Either way, chicken wings (and everything else at Little Caesar's) are off my list of things/places to eat.

I hope my drops will get here by Wednesday or Thursday, then I can start loading the very next day.  I have a back stock of 100g meat in the freezer, and will just be adding some London broil (poor, poor me!) and some chicken breasts.  The downside is that a favorite, asparagus, will be very hard (and expensive) to come by, since it's out of season.  I will be doing lots of lettuce and cucumbers and tomatoes, just not all at the same time.

I am hoping our food budget will go down a bit without me eating with the family.  The downside of Paleo/Primal is the expense of the food.  To stay on track, we just cannot run out of meat and veggies!  On the plus side, the Farmer's Markets are in full swing!  Yea!

I will post my starting stats on my starting day.  Until then!

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