Saturday, May 19, 2012

Goodness!  I am just trucking along.  After a 60 lb loss on HCG in 70 days, then starting a Leptin reset, I am seeing some wonderful changes.  When Dr. Simeon's called his book Pounds and Inches, he wasn't just picking out a catchy title.  Even though I am not taking HCG right now, everything is still in motion.
I have found that I fit into clothing that I haven't fit into for more than 10 years!  I put on a favorite pair of skorts that I had bought from a catalog (more than 10 years ago), that even when I got them they were just a bit too small.  Now they fit, with room to spare!
The LeptinRx has been a success!  I am really understanding and feeling the difference between true hunger and just being bored.  I can turn my thoughts away from eating a lot more easily. 
Paleo eating has made all the difference in the world for me!  Being in Ketosis is great!  It means that I only burn fat for energy, and not sugar!  I still have plenty of fat to burn!
Dr. S suggests that patients vary from their last dose weight by only 2 lbs (+/-), and not actively diet, to stabilize and adjust their hypothalamus to the new weight.  I am 5 lbs below my LDW, but have not been trying to lose any weight.  I have been sticking to Paleo and the LeptinRx, eating quite a bit.  I think that because I have stayed away from grains, legumes, starches, and sugars, I have been steadily losing weight, although this has been the biggest jump.  I have lost 3.4 lbs in the last two days. 
My conclusion is that a) Paleo works.  b) The LeptinRx works.  c) I am not a "night" eater.  For the last couple of days, I have not been eating dinner.  I have breakfast (a BAB) and lunch, but find that I am not hungry after 5 o'clock.  Even though we are in PDS time, I think my circadian rhythms still start me winding down in the early evenings.  Most days (or nights as the case may be) I am in bed by 8 o'clock and wake up, naturally by about 4:30 or 5 am (our birds start singing really early here, even before the sun comes up!).
For years, I have been going to bed early and waking up early, never realizing that eating SAD and late has helped keep me unhealthy and fat (and that's just a small part of my obesity!).
Well, I am gearing up the family for a trip to Pin A-Go-Go in Dixon, CA.
My wonderful husband might just take home a number one spot in the pinball tournament!  Very exciting!

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