Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Surprise!

This morning I woke up to a weight of 257.4 (8.2 below LDW).  What a great surprise!  I am solid into the 250's, and hope to stay there, even through loading (should start Saturday).  As I have said before, I am hoping that the HCG will work, and I have similar good losses like I saw in my first round.  Just to add to the fun, The Colonel has decided that we should quit smoking!  Yippee (said dripping with sarcasm)!  He is outside smoking the "last cigarette", and I am becoming super bitch.  We tend to feed off each other, so as long as one (me, this time) sticks to their guns and stays quit, then the other will follow suit.  As soon as I cave, we will both be smoking.  Uggh!!  It should be interesting, since I don't have a cigarette to turn to instead of eat!   I am applying the same attitude to stopping smoking as I have to losing weight.  Remember, it's not will power.  Will power is bullshit (can you tell I am jonesing for a smoke!).  It's a mind set.  If I had any will power at all, I would have never gotten fat and would have stopped smoking YEARS ago, or maybe not even started.

My email from bodyshaper tracking number says delivery will be on Friday.  So, that means my loading days will be Saturday and Sunday, and that Saturday will be my skip day.  It worked for me before, I am hoping to ride this boat again!!!!

Time to go print off my charts and graphs!  So on Saturday morning, I will weigh in, measure and take my beginning HCG/ending LeptinRx picture, and post all the scary numbers and picture!

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