Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Day 5 P3/LRx

Almost a week, and I am doing all right!  I am down to 261.4, 4.2 below LDW.  We are supposed to use this time to "stabilize", but since I am not actively dieting, just eating the LRx (3 meals, including the BAB!). 
Yesterday, I had a bit of a binge attack.  Fortunately, I managed to hang on til dinner (no snacking on the LRx), and then raided the pantry for some sunflower seeds and some Paleo Krunch (yummy!) www.stevesoriginal.com.  Delish and decadent, oh, and a square of Trader Joe's Organic 73% dark chocolate.  Then had to process my guilt feelings.  But, instead of continuing to eat, I stopped, accepted my "cheat", and moved on about it.
As I was walking into my room, I thought about how much more happier I am with myself and the weight I have lost.  I love the feeling of my body (I hate how it looks, but I knew that saggy skin was coming), I DO NOT want to regain at all!
I have stayed this same weight for 2 days now, but am hoping for a couple more pounds to "disappear" before I go back to HCG.  I would love to be in the 50's.  Now I am also wondering if I should do another long round.  If I find that HCG does work for me still, I am thinking about doing P2 to 200 - 225 lbs.  It seems that keeping it off is fairly simple, staying within the boundaries of P3 and Paleo (Paleo 3, LOL).  I am having no trouble adjusting to no grains or no dairy.  Sugars (sweets of any kind) can come from fruit (especially strawberries, yum!), although I did enjoy the sweetness of the Paleo Krunch (and can see why folks would eat it as a cereal!), which uses honey.  But I am in no hurry to eat pseudo Paleo foods (Paleo pancakes, muffins, biscuits, cakes, etc.), although I have no reservation for making them for the family.  To me, it's opening a door that I may not have the strength to close.
Once I am down to a reasonable weight, I may have one day every couple of weeks to indulge in the pseudo goodies, but not now!
I am hoping to get my kettle-bells and DVDs this next week, so that I can start up a exercise program.  The cool thing about losing weight, I love shopping around Big 5, for weights and tennis gear.  I want to get a solo practice tennis ball (and tennis ball on a string attached to a weight).  My FIL says he enjoys tennis, so if he doesn't complain too much about his back (gee, exercise would help that!), maybe he'll come out to play.  The Colonel will play with me, but his knees are chewed up, and tennis is super hard on the knees!  I am fairly sure that Grok didn't play tennis, but that is my fun!

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