Monday, April 9, 2012

Goals Met

Well, today dawns on VLCD 60.  I woke up to a 1.6 lb loss with my latest goals met:  I broke into the 30's for my BMI and also broke into the 260's!  I am at 269.2, that's a 55.8 lb loss total! 

I have about 10 ish days left of HCG, so all my up coming losses are icing on the cake!

I am developing a game plan for P3.  Mainly, I will just be doing P2, but slowly increasing my protein servings, and adding breakfast.  My first week, I am going to add a "omelet" of 1 egg and veggies (using a scant bit of coconut oil).  By week two, I may increase to 2 eggs and veggies, plus a small steak. 

Easter went well, I ended up not having any dinner, 'cause I got caught up in making dinner for the family.  The ham turned out well, and looked delicious!  It also brought into focus about snacking and portion control.  On Paleo, portion control is not to be a big deal, but for someone like me, portion control is absolutely necessary.  Plus, the ham was covered in brown sugar and pineapple, so I couldn't of had any anyway.

Lot's happening in my life right now, In-laws moving in, my 45th birthday coming up, Pin-A-Go-Go, camping for the Pooker's b-day, and the Fourth of July blow out. 

I am looking forward to finishing up this round and getting started on the next.  I like losing this weight!  I wish I would lose more belly fat, but I'll take what I can get.  I think that I will hop on the Wii and see what it says.  Since it weighs me less, it has the better numbers.  But since I bought a very nice and fancy scale, I might as well listen to what it says for the real numbers.  I was a bit bummed at the doctors, 'cause their scale was 6 lbs off (higher) than my scale.  Since my scale only weighs me, I am going with mine and not the one at the doctors office.

Tomorrow is measure/picture day.  For once, I am really interested in seeing some great losses on the tape!  I am hoping my picture reflects how much thinner I feel!  I have been feeling ribs, seeing my collar bone, and even felt my sternum!  This is very exciting, and I don't want to give any of it up!!!

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