Monday, April 16, 2012

This is My Last Day with HCG

Looks like today is it.  I have enough HCG to finish up today, and I will begin my 3 days of 500 cals/no HCG tomorrow.

I will have been on VLC for 70 days total.  Then 6 weeks of P3/4, but since I am doing a Leptin Reset, I will not really go into P4.  I am looking forward to BABs!  I miss breakfast.  I am also looking forward to avocados (and they are just about in season, yea!)

I am going to spend some time this week making Paleo ketchup and BBQ sauce, both of which I truly miss.  I may also attempt to make Paleo mayo, but all I have is olive oil.  I need to find some avocado oil!

With the family already Primal (I will be a staunch Paleo), everyone will be on the same page, which will make it easier for me to stay on the path to health.

Let's see how my transition days go.  I am not expecting too much trouble, but will get the urge to snack, which I have to fight.  On Friday I can have a BAB, and see how that carries me.  I am thinking a couple of eggs and some steak, maybe a veggie omelet?

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