Friday, April 20, 2012

First Day on LeptinRx!

The day went smashingly!  Because my calorie count is up, I had plenty of energy (used up to paint a bedroom).  But more than that:  I feel good.  I physically feel good, emotionally feel good, I just feel good about me!  That never happens.  My body my look like a science experiment gone horribly wrong, but overall, I am a better me!

Here's my ending HCG/beginning LeptinRx photos (different clothes, for different program):
60 lbs lighter at 265
My boobs are hedging out my belly!

Total losses:
Neck:  -5.5"
Shoulders:  -10"
Bicep:  -3"
Chest:  -3"
Bust:  -6.25"
Waist:  -3"
Hips (which is mostly belly):  -9"
Thigh:  -3"
Calves:  -1.5"
Total inches lost:  44.25

Yep, pretty freakin' awesome.  I am no specimine of beauty or grace, but I am getting there!

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