Sunday, April 15, 2012

Getting Close to Transition

Day  66 for me, and transition is looming.  Part of me is ready to stop being so restrictive, another part says if I am left to my own, I will just balloon up. 

What I am hoping is to lose that 10-13 lbs that I am away from 250, so that when I go back in May, I can just shoot for 200 (50 lbs lost).  This is completely off protocol. My thought is this, if someone has weight loss surgery, they don't take a break, they can't.  So why should I? 

I am going to study more about the Leptin Reset.  I get no sugar AT ALL for the next 6 weeks, but, it's a small price to pay for becoming lean and mean (mean because I don't get no sugar).  So I am formulating my game plan, yes, still.

Anything worth doing, is worth doing well.  Fail to plan, plan to fail.  Both axioms, both truer than people know.  So many go into any diet or scheme, with no idea what they are going to do after.  Since I am dieting, dieting will be my focus.  When America entered into to war, the liberals touted that the President didn't have an exit strategy, true enough, but of course, the libs didn't either.  It was just a way to slam the President.  Looking into the future is imperative.  If I return to my ways BHCG (before HCG), all I have lost, I will gain, plus plenty more (interest per se!).  It doesn't matter what diet plan someone uses.  Low cal, low fat, low carb, pills, surgery, whatever.  It all affects us the same.  That's why I was so hesitant to try a "miracle" diet.  Most taut that you can eat the same and loose weight, if you take their "wonder" pill.  I have yet to see any of those statements quantified/qualified.

So, right now, I have about 3 days of HCG.  Then 3 days no HCG, but stay on the 500 cal. diet.  Then I am going to add eggs first, again, for 3 days, then coconut oil, 3 days.  I am probably going to avoid most dairy, except for butter.  Cheese will be like a treat, not so much a regular in my diet.  I have gone 2 months with no dairy, no sugar (except for fruits), no bread.  My energy level has stayed up (granted, the HCG helped bunches), no upset stomach, no bowel issues.  All HCG?  No. 

Once I add those items, my world will open up.  I am not worried about about more veggies (no starchy stuff, at least for a couple of weeks, sweet potatoes/yams, not standard potatoes), broccoli, zucchini, squashes of all kinds, mixing veggies!  All good, and good for me!

A new, healthier world will be opening up!  Yea!!!! 

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