Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I Love It When A Plan Comes Together!

Yep, good news, woke up this morning 2.6 lbs lighter.  Confirms that I had too much water retention.  I will continue to stay the course, and see if I can nose into the 80's, at least get back to 195 (1.4 lbs to go).

I promised measurements, well, I did take my measurements, and since Nov. 16th 'til now, I haven't gained anything, although fat has been moving around, I haven't gotten any bigger, which confirms for me that I am not getting any fatter.

Yesterdays foodage:

A.M.  coffee

Lunch  steak and cucumbers (dipped in mustard) and a tangerine.

Dinner  Paleo burger with onions and mustard, and green beans.

I did have a couple of squares of dark chocolate, 4 to be exact (a serving is 12 squares).  It really helped when I began the "kitchen wander".  You know, when you want to eat something, but aren't hungry, so you just wander around the kitchen, looking for something to munch on, it usually ends in eat too much.  I am really working on stopping the "grazing", which is great for cows, not so much for me.


21-15-9  deep knee bends

21-15-9  counter push ups

2 sets of sit ups (one minute crunch/one minute reverse crunch)

30 minute walk with the kids looking at our neighborhood Christmas lights.

I had journalled that I was hoping for a 2 lb loss, which I got, so now I am hoping for another pound and some change tomorrow.  Maybe even another 2 lbs, which would be great!  After that, I will be expecting half pound losses every other day or so, which is fine.  Which, in the scheme of things, is pretty quick, quicker than SAD weight loss, but, of course, more healthy using whole foods and actually eating veggies, rather than just paying lip service (hey Powers That Be, corn is not a vegetable, it's a grain!) to eating "whole" foods (a hundred calorie pack is NOT a whole wheat, heart healthy snack!)

The pendulum is swinging low carb right now in society, it has been there before.  It will swing right back to the whole grain, low fat, high sugar, SAD as it has before.  More and more people will wake up fat and unhealthy, and continue to rely on the AMA and Big Pharma to cure their ills with pills. 

Hopefully, more people will jump on the low carb bandwagon (or even better, Paleo!), and ditch grains for life.  Unfortunately, peer pressure has an effect on everyone!  It sucks sometimes to be on the outside looking in.  There is talk about a Popeye's Chicken opening up here in town (replacing our KFC), and I can't eat there.  Nor can I eat at Taco Bell (love's the Burrito Supreme!).  Sometimes lonely, but in the long run, I can't complain.  Nothing tastes better than thin feels!  I didn't used to believe that ('cause I was fat, and sad, and pathetic), now I know!  I love shopping for clothes, and am finding some cute stuff that's TOO BIG! 

Onward and downward!

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