Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Being Naughty, Being Nice

Naughty was scarfing down a bunch of homemade LaraBars.  Nice was not gaining.  Naughty was succumbing to impulse.  Nice was realizing that I messed up, and banned all sweets for the time being.

Give and take.

Being aware of what you are doing, or at least what you did.  Not beating yourself up.  If you bought it, pay for it.  I was lucky.  I didn't gain, but I could have.  Instead of being reactive, I was proactive and deleted sugar/sweets from my diet for the time being.  Not even a piece of my beloved dark chocolate (and it's 90%!). 

I have the "bread" monster under control, but that is only one head of the beast.  Now it's time to get the sugar "head" under control.  Sugar is pretty sneaky, and is in so much.  Yes, fruit is good for you, but only in small quantities.  And, a lot depends on the fruit.  Because they are in season, I am partial to oranges right now, but will abstain for a while, until I can find a balance, and say no to the sweeties...

The dinner party went well.  I haven't posted about it yet, mainly because my computer and smart phone won't speak to each other.  The CPU I am using is more than a decade old, and slow slow slow, and running XP.  In February we'll be getting a new CPU, which will have a terabyte of memory!  This one still counts in megabytes!

With the end of the world only 3 days away (on the 21st) and Christmas a week away, plans are in motion to make sure we eat well for both, LOL.

The Christmas menu is being planned.  I am still wanting tri-tip, and just might do a ham (leftovers last longer!).  I promised the Colonel that I would serve mashed potatoes.  I am going to switch to Yukon Golds (hopefully organic and non GMO), as see how we do with those.

My beloved Colonel asked how I was losing a pound and a half every two days.  This is a tricky question.  For a while I couldn't eat eggs, since they would make me gain, now I can eat eggs and not gain.  He has a reasonable concern.  While on hCG, I lost weight because I was eating 500 calories a day, no weight loss mystery there, but now, I eat about 1500 + calories daily, and am still losing. 

Many things come into play.  The type of food.  Staying away from processed foods is the biggest help.  The Standard American Diet (SAD) is designed to pack on the pounds with whole grains that are processed and fortified to become a quick and cheap energy source.  You will never find a spaghetti noodle tree in the wild.  Bread cannot be harvested as bread.  You cannot put a cow in a snow storm and milk out ice cream.  The more something is processed, no matter how much it's "fortified", is not good for the human body.

Another thing is just plain ol' biology.  Since I am still a "breeding" woman (no more children thank you!), I still, biologically, prepare to carry a child every 28 days.  Not only retaining water and building a backlog of blood, but my body will hang on to fat to prepare to carry a baby.  It's during these 2 weeks that the weight is difficult to lose.  This is something I want to research more to see if I am on track with this idea.

Everyone who is carrying extra fat is trying to find the "magic pill" to rid them of these unwanted pounds.  It's hard to change your views on food.  Since my sugar binge the other day, I too, am having issues with this.  Sweets/sugars/carbs act on the brain like heroin.  You have some, you want some more, you dive face first into Grandma's Cheesecake.  No rhyme or reason!  It's the addiction.  It makes your brain feel good.  It's not good for you, but it FEELS good.  How can we combat that?  By not indulging in these things.  First, you have to get control, by not eating the "feel good" foods.  Keeping them away from you as much as possible.  You also have to understand, that if you have a sweet, you will want more, and have a battle plan to deal with the aftermath of eating a sweet.

It's just not fair, but then again, neither is life.  There are Carb Crunchers out there who can suck down every pastry, sandwich, and dinner roll, in sight, and not gain.  Then there is me.  I feel like I am gaining weight just looking at a doughnut on TV (heaven forbid I get a good whiff of a fresh doughnut!)!

I try to depend on logic and common sense, which does get overided by emotional response.  It's keeping the logic in the forefront, and a tight lid on my emotions, as they pertain to food.

Food is food.  We need it to live.  What we don't need is to make it the end all be all of our universe.  When food was the center of my universe I weighed 325 + lbs.  Now, food is an interesting problem, like a math problem.  I put more thought into food now, in a pseudo-scientific way.  It's a problem to be solved, not a drug I turn to for emotional support.

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