Monday, March 3, 2014

Back in the Saddle Again

I'm baaaaaaaack! After a wonderful Disneyland vacation, I came home and ready to lose!!! Today is very low calorie day (VLCD) one. My loading days went well, I only gained 1.4 lbs., which is OK, I would have rather lost, but c'est la vie. My main goal is 54 lbs. My first goal is the 1.4 lbs. I gained. #2 is 225. Then, down from there. I am hoping to be back into my regular clothes in 2 weeks. The main build up of fat I have on my body is around my waist and belly. I don't have a lot to lose at the top (shoulders, neck, head), my whole torso needs slimming. It looks like a long round of about 60 days. I am thinking about adding some light exercise. Kickboxing (DVD) and learning to use a kettleweight (15 lbs.). Nothing too outrageous, just something to keep me moving and strong. My next task is to steamline my Paleo eating. I have not been eating enough veggies, and having way too much processed meats.

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