Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Excited to return to hCG

Hey all! I came through hardcore Paleo with no damage, no improvements either. I think my old body is stuck in a rut. I did manage to remain sugar free for 30 days, which is good, because other than ketchup and BBQ sauce, I am not really into sweet stuff much. On March 1st I am starting another round of hCG. I have a goal of 50 lbs., 25 of them are the original pounds I still needed to go when I stopped hCG, and the other half is what I picked up. I am planning on going the distance again with this round. I am thinking 60 ish days, possibly more. On my first round, I was losing about a pound a day (totally rocks!), and my second, not so well, it took 103 days to lose 56 lbs. I am hoping that I have been away long enough that everything old is new again, and I will get the excesses off. My main issue is the weight gathers at my belly, and just hangs on for dear life. I am telling you, I have that cool looking 6-pack under all that blubber. I am also very excited about an upcoming trip to Disneyland. Last time we were there, I was well over 300 lbs., and not comfortable in the rides. This time I am a hundred pounds lighter and 72" smaller. The Colonel needs the 'puter, so I am off to start my day.

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