Tuesday, June 1, 2010

After 6 days, I can report that I have lost 6 lbs.  It would be lovely to think that I will be losing a pound a day until I hit my target, no such luck!

After 2 days, I lost 3 lbs, 2 lbs the next day, and 1 pound today.  Pattern emerging.  So, to keep the weight loss going, I am going to have to throw in some exercise.  Last time I exercised twice a day, and just kept at my weight, mainly 'cause I was adding muscle, and reducing fat.  Muscle is much heavier.  I will be doing at least a half hour on the Wii daily.  As I get stronger, I will increase my workout time, until it's an hour.  I realize that the fitness gurus tell us to exercise for 2 to 3 hours a day, but I am a stay at home mom, not a personal trainer.  Between my exercise plan and chasing toddlers (I have 2 now), I do get exercise, even if it's not in a gym, or with a DVD.

I have a great support system in place.  My beloved loves me, ask questions, and is my best cheerleader, even when I know he could care less about my thoughts of why and how to lose weight.  Seriously, be honest, if that's all that anyone talks about, BOOOOORINGGGGG.  I also blog in 3 places about what I am doing.  And I journal in a notebook, usually after every weigh in.  I also have an accountability partner, Fran on The Homeschool Lounge (http://www.thehomeschoollounge.com/), plus my other lovely sisters on that site.  But, my all time best supporter and strength giver is God Himself.  If you are trying to do anything without God as a supporter, you are just spinning your wheels.  Giving your life over to Christ, understanding His sacrifice, is the only way to accomplish anything.  If you don't know Jesus Christ as your saviour, learn about Him.  You don't have to be perfect, you don't have to live a "holy roller" life.  You just need to know Him.  To realize that He gave His life for you and the sin you were born with, and the sins you have and will commit.  Yes, you can be a good person, compared to other people.  But, are you a good person when compared to God?  No, no one is.  You can't rely on yourself to be good.  If you have ever told a lie.  If you have ever "hated" anyone.  If you have ever stolen something.  It doesn't matter that you don't do it anymore, 'cause you have done it.  You can be forgiven for those, and being aware that you still do sinful things, be forgiven for those, too.  All you have to do is ask.  It doesn't matter what you are doing now.  You may think that you are the most awful person, I know I am.  Jesus, just wants you to trust Him.  To willingly give your heart to Him.  He's already done the hard part.  He took the Father's punishment, just so He could spend eternity with you.  Your soul is eternal.  If you are not spending your eternity with God, you will spend eternity away from God.  There here and now, lifes little feel good moments are nothing compared to feeling good forever.  That was the promise made, to spend forever feeling good.  Do you want to feel good?

In love and faithfulness in Christ Jesus,  Rusty

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