Saturday, April 20, 2013

Still getting my s*** together...

Sloppy, sloppy, sloppy!

Wouldn't life be grand if we could stick to a plan?  By gosh, by golly, I am trying to focus, but I am all over the place.  I am not gaining outrageously, but I am not shrinking either.

I am still in my 16's, but my weight has shifted again (I hate that!), and I am fat in all the wrong places, OK, any place of fat sucks, but it's drifting around my middle section, where I don't need any help (thank you very much).

I did start the 100 Burpees in 100 Days (The-100-Day-Burpee-Challenge).  Here's the gist, you do one burpee on day one, then two burpees on day 2, then 3 burpees on day 3, get it?  On and on it goes until day 100 (yep, 100 burpees), there is a caveat, if you miss a day, you have to do the previous days burpees (say you are on day 21, but you missed day 20, then you do the 20 you missed, then the 21 you owe, best advice, don't miss).  You don't have to do them all at one time, once you get to the higher numbers.  If you are at day 80, you can do four sets of 20 (or 8 sets of 10) at different times (7 am, 11 am, 2pm, 8 pm, whatever).

We went to Sprout's Farmer's Market today (on Del Rio Rd., in Sacramento).  Like most "healthy stores" it can be a bit pricey.   But I did find some grass fed ground beef for $4.99/lb, which is a great price, but a sale price.  A clam shell of strawberries for .99 cents!  They also have a great selection of coconut based ice cream, plenty of organic produce, some of the hard to find items (coconut butter, coconut oil, Braggs, gluten-free items), even bulk bins (too pricey for me, but that's me).

My beloved wasn't thrilled with the whole "organic" thing (he thinks it's a crock), and doesn't get the whole "wild caught" thing with the fish (read $$$$$) or the grass fed thing, although he was thrilled to find buffalo (again, $$$$), and we might pick up some kangaroo for grins and giggles (nearly $8/lb), but will indulge me (he is so sweet!). 

I eat almost exclusively apart from the family.  Today, my hubby went to Jimboy's Tacos for lunch, and got something for everyone except me, I just cooked up a steak, had salad and leftover broccoli, so I was cool with it.  The family is seeing some old favorites, tuna helper and spaghetti, and Paleo versions of other favorites like meatloaf and onion rings (thanks to Tammy Credicott and her cookbook Paleo Indulgences for the onion rings, the main reason I bought the book...).  So they aren't suffering, but they aren't eating as healthy as they could, but since I can't seem to stem the flow of crap entering the house, what's a gal to do.  I bend like a reed in the wind...OK, I shut my mouth and keep my opinions to myself (until the old people tell the doctor that they eat "paleo", and I tell them to quit lying!)

So that's the haps for right now.

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