Sunday, August 25, 2013

Making a plan

Over this past month, I have been being my old self (and not the good one) again. Still Paleo of course, but also just hanging around on the fringes. Over the past 5 days, I have adjusted my diet, eating mainly Pounds and Inches approved foods, but definitely more than 500 calories per day. I stick to the same eating program with meals at lunchtime (usually around 11 ish) and having dinner in and around 5 pm. I mainly eat separate from the family. I have been having either strawberries, oranges or apple twice during the day. Today I have been feeling a bit weak, so I had an orange about 2 hours before lunch, and an apple 2 hours after lunch, and I will make my dinner when I start feeling hungry. I think I have been indulging in too much coffee and not enough water. So far, I have been losing well, starting at 215 5 days ago, and standing at 206 today. My scale is showing me that my fat percentage is going down. Yes, that's 9 pounds, which can be argued as water loss, except for my scale again, which shows my water percentage going up. If my losses maintain, I will be in One-derland again by next week, which is also my 10th wedding anniversary. Last night my hubby and I went shoe shopping for some heels for me. I tried those popular platform heels, which, much to the relief of everyone at the store, didn't make me fall over. They were cute, they put me well over 6' tall (my hubby is 5'4"), but they weren't comfortable to wear for any length of time. Heeled, girly shoes were never anything I ever thought about getting, mainly because at 300 + lbs, I was afraid of snapping a heel and falling. Not to mention, putting that much weight on to my toes, just wasn't happening. Now, with more than 120 lbs gone, I don't mind a two or three inch heel, and can wear them for a while before my feet start to hurt. So, next Saturday, I will dress up in my sequined burgundy dress, my sparkly 3 inch heels, and the hubby and I will go out on the town. Who knows, we might end up at the batting cages again (my choice of fun, not his). It would be interesting to see if I can bat in heels. Weight loss is funny. While you are losing weight, the days seem so slow, and once the weight is gone, you realize that it went by so fast. Everything is perspective. Although I am not much into the new age-y crap, there is something to be said for being positive and visualizing an outcome. For me, it's clothes and (suddenly) shoes. I will hit the thrift store and buy stuff that fits, and stuff that will fit, usually one size smaller than my current size (which is a 16 right now). I have some small 16s and a few 14s to see me through for now, but am looking forward to my next trip to the thrift store (hopefully soon). Anyway, if you whine and cry about what you are missing, you are just sabotaging yourself. Yes, most people will agree that cake, candy and cookies are delicious. I love ice cream, and bacon (together or separate), and my homemade mayo. But, right now, the cost to lose nearly 10 lbs in 5 days are the goodies I overindulged in to pick up the 20 + pounds. Everything has a price. Stay positive and focused, and before you know it, you will have reach that first mini goal. Whether it's 2 pounds or 200 pounds, it will go. Not all at once, of course, but eventually. Again, stay positive, stay focused.

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