Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I'm bbbbaaaaccccckkkkk

The move was a huge mess.  I did gain, but not too much (about 10 lbs).  Time to get back on the wagon, and get control before I am too far out of control!

It could have been worse, but thanks to Paleo eating, I am still in my size 16s.  I think that too much fast food, high stress, and far too many "treats (in the form of dark chocolate)" helped with the gains I am seeing.

Starting today, I am cutting all sugars (dark chocolate, honey, dates, high sugary fruits) and nuts (I love's me almonds!), including pseudo Paleo bakes.

Sticking to good proteins and veggies, with portion control, should put me back on the road to good health.

I am also needing to exercise.  You'd think lifting heavy furniture, boxes, and humping stairs 100 times a day, would count, but it doesn't.  So it's back to deep knee bends, sit ups, push ups, and get some running around with the kids.  We invested in a soccer ball, and it turns out that even with my limited knowledge, I am the most knowledgeable about soccer (how scary is that!), so I get to teach the boys how to "dribble" and direct the ball, plus some pointers on the game in general.

Being in a bigger city will make it easier to find organic foods, and a Fresh and Easy is going to open just down the street from me.  I have never heard of it, but will visit another location to see how they are.  They do carry grass fed ground beef at a reasonable price, plus organic fruits and veggies.

Tomorrow I will post with some stats, to get the ball (and accountability) rolling.

Until then!

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