Thursday, January 24, 2013

So here's what's goin' on...

...PPPPPFFFFFFTTTTTT (tongue out and all the spit I can muster!)

All the house hunting duties have fallen on to me alone.  I was told to "go do" and I did.  After finding what I thought was the perfect house for us, was met with silence, and "we'll sees..."

I was told that all this moving and such needed to be done NOW.  So I did.  I have the extraneous stuff packed, got on track for a 5/3 house, and then was told to wait.  Someone else got the house, I wish them the best.

So now, I am being told that everything is moving too fast.  Whenever is good enough.  Seriously? 

OK, but we are are being considered for another house that's 4/2, the last 4/2 in the neighborhood we want, at a price we can afford.  Affordability is necessary, it's more than we pay now, and going to put us in a very grey area. 

Why am I lamenting over all this?  Because I am hugely stressed.  I want to dive face first into a gallon of rocky road, with a side of warm glazed doughnuts, slathered in butter.  That's why.

These are the times we turn to food.  When life is throwing those curve balls.  When life isn't fair.  Always remember Rule #1:  Life is not fair.  It's okay to be stressed for a short time.  What's not okay is to wallow in it.  This is the time to "man up" as it were.  I could spend this time eating until I puke.  Sucking down all the crap food in the house, and then head out to McDonald's a suck down 5 McRibs, with a stop on the way home for 2 Little Caesar's $5 pizzas.  Hello 300 + pounds.

No.  Instead, I vented to my husband.  Looked at the situation logically, and stayed out of the kitchen.  Food isn't going to make the house bigger.  Food isn't going to put any extra money into our bank account (although it will drain it!).  Food doesn't have a great idea to solve the problem.  Eating myself into oblivion isn't going to de-stress me, or even help in facing the problem.

What will help?  Acceptance.  This is the situation.  I must face it head on.  No hiding behind the ice cream, no drowning my sorrows in a Snicker's bar.

We all have battles to face.  Those of us who are fighting the weight loss battle, just have another front for our battle.  Life will throw everything it's got at you.  Stressful situations come in all sorts of forms.  Sick/ailing family and friends, a job loss, a home loss, fears, heartaches, depression, and so many more.  We are warriors.  We face these things with a sword in our hands.  Death before defeat! 

There are always going to be tough situations that we'll have to face.  We must always remember that food is a way to stay healthy (well, healthy foods!), not a friend to turn to in a time of need.  If you are feeling that need to eat, grab a carrot.  If a carrot doesn't sound good, then you aren't hungry, and you don't need to eat.  I know this is much easier said than done.  Cookies, cakes, breads, sweet treats, all seem like they will make things better.  If you are stressing now, imagine what would happen if you went back to old habits, and found yourself 10, 20, 30, or even 50 pound heavier?

I truly believe that where ever God closes a door, He opens a window somewhere else.  I don't want to be too fat to climb through that window. 

For us, this will be a short time problem.  If we get this house, then we'll move.  If we don't, then the search will continue, until we do move, or the company changes it's plans to open a new office.  Either way, I will not beat myself up with food. 

If you are facing a giant, then get your sling.  Stand tall, be brave, and don't give into the call of old habits.  You will be rewarded.

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