Saturday, January 1, 2011

It's New Year's Day!

My house is a mess. Christmas tree is staring at me, even it wants to be put away! My kids are not behaving. You'd think that they would want to have more peace for 2011. You know, not get in trouble as much? Well, expecting 2 toddlers to make a New Year's Resolution is a bit too much! But what about me?

I don't like to make them, resolutions I mean. I have such a hard time keeping them.

There are changes on the horizon, however.  The other day I weighed in at 301 lbs (again!).  I had made it to 279, and was thrilled, but have shot that out of the water.  Being that it's out of the water (not even water under a bridge, to come out on the other side), I don't have to worry about what was anymore.

Now, it's time to look ahead.  Those wonderful fun things that I want to do.  I am not starting well, not with diet or exercise, but with my attitude.  I am irritated by my kids!!! 

I want to be left alone, not forever, but for right now.  The day started at 6 am with a crying baby, who had to go around waking up his older brother.  So now I have two babies, who want attention.  All I wanted to do was drink my coffee, watch Torchwood, then enjoy the parade. 

Looking logically at this, and in the frame of the Father's eyes, would be to give this time to the kids.  Torchwood is on Netflix, and will be on for a while, so I am not missing anything.  Coffee is poured and being drunk, so I am not missing anything.  I am here typing and not watching the parade, so I am not missing anything there, either.

Time to love the kids.

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