Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Putting my toe into "One"derland

After a couple of weeks gaining and losing the same pound, I have finally got to the 100's. 199.6, so only 4/10ths of a pound, but, my scale weight has a 1 in the front instead of a 2. Although my weight isn't coming off quickly, my fats cells are shrinking, and they are shrinking in my belly, where I need the losses. What does this tell me? This tells me that my body is finally working on my major issue area. On my first round, I lost most of my weight above the waist. On my second round, I lost all over, but mostly above the waist and in my legs, but my belly hung on for all it was worth. It's been my belly holding me back from getting into smaller sizes, and it was my belly holding me back from exercising (that and being lazy). Exercising is very difficult for people with a large, flabby belly. In my case, having a bunch of kids and stretched belly skin, makes running difficult, and sometimes painful. With my belly flapping all around, putting extra pressure on my bladder, just makes exercise embarrassing. Flapping and peeing, YIKES. Now, I am looking forward to exercising (I have to wait a couple more weeks, 500 calories a day just covers my daily needs for energy, and muscle growth will affect my losses). I am planning a Leptin Reset (LRx), and an exercise regime (kettle bells and kickboxing). As I get stronger, I am planning to incorporate sprints (starting at 20 meters, and working up to 100 meters), and lifting heavy things (a Mark Sisson "commandment"). Once I head into P3, I will be posting more in my other blog, . Mainly because I am feeling the need to tell my whole story. As a wife and mother, there is a lot more to my life, not just weight loss and getting healthy. I am hoping to shred 10 more pounds before the end of this round (crossing fingers, toes, and eyes), and although I am not supposed to, lose another 6 to 10 pounds in P3 (which I tend to do anyway). So, maybe I will see my goal by my maintenance phase (P4), and then I will just be "Jane Anybody" with diet and exercise to look and be healthy. That's who I really want to be, Jane Anybody, not big, fat Rusty. Super strong and sleek Rusty is much better, and I am getting there!

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